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Our Mission

The Academy's ​mission is to provide high quality age appropriate childcare for preschoolers. Our focus is to provide a nurturing safe and caring environment while stimulating social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs. 

Our Goal

​The Academy's goal is to foster relationships with our most valuable assets, our families and to capitalize on every teachable moment. Children learn the most through play.  While every child learns differently, it is our goal to identify each child's learning style, so that they will obtain maximum academic success.   

Our Vision

The Academy envisions grooming your little prince and princess preschoolers today, into king and queen leaders tomorrow.  "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it", Proverbs 22;6  

Our Purpose

The Academy's Purpose is to serve as a model for the inevitable that high quality education  is obtainable at affordable rates  

A Peek at Happy Students

Take a look at photos of the children enrolled at The Royalty Family Academy in Haledon, New Jersey. You can see what your child can also experience while they are under our care.

Coming Soon

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